The History of the Poland Breed

The Poland is a very unusual chicken! It is also called the Polish (mainly in America) and the Padua.

The Poland is a European breed of chicken known for its crest of feathers, which sets it apart from any other breed.

The name of these birds is a misnomer, as they do not originate in the country of Poland. Instead, the oldest accounts of crested chickens comes from the Netherlands. Mentioned in literature as early as the sixteenth century, Polish Chickens are a very old breed. The Poland breed probably originated in Eastern Europe, but nothing is truly known about its origins. Polands were brought from Asia in to which is now southern Russia by Mongols and other invading tribes under their rule. They were then brought in to Poland and kept in villages and by nobles and were distributed further in to Western Europe by Germans who lived and worked in Poland, Germany, Holland, England and Italy’s Padua city.

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Poland Chickens – all you need to know!!

Poland chickens are the friendliest chickens you will ever meet!!

poland picture

Due to their huge ‘hairdos’ they can’t see you coming and so are easy to pick up. They are very docile, even the cockerels! This makes them a fabulous pet for children with the added benefit of laying beautiful little white eggs!

The Poland is classed as a ‘soft feather light breed’ and are therefore never used as a meat bird.


They are ‘non-sitters’ meaning they don’t really make great mothers and if you wish to hatch any of their eggs you would be far better off using an incubator or a friendly broody hen.

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