Poland Chickens – all you need to know!!

Poland chickens are the friendliest chickens you will ever meet!!

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Due to their huge ‘hairdos’ they can’t see you coming and so are easy to pick up. They are very docile, even the cockerels! This makes them a fabulous pet for children with the added benefit of laying beautiful little white eggs!

The Poland is classed as a ‘soft feather light breed’ and are therefore never used as a meat bird.


They are ‘non-sitters’ meaning they don’t really make great mothers and if you wish to hatch any of their eggs you would be far better off using an incubator or a friendly broody hen.

Their crest or ‘hairdo’ requires special care to keep clean and a good mite powder is advisable, the same as many other breeds of chicken, Apart from this they are very easy to look after and make fantastic pets. My polands go outside in all weathers, even in the snow, and they have proved to be extremely hardy in all conditions.  I always make sure they have access to a dry nesting box or chicken run, just in case.

More photos of my polands will be added shortly.

Please also feel free to send me your photos of polands, especially funny or interesting ones or photos of rare and unusual colours. My aim to is make this site the most useful website for lovers of Poland Chickens everywhere!

I breed polands just as a hobby and because I love them so much. I sell them in order to cover the cost of feed for all the others!

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If you require any information on poland chickens, or details of Poland chickens for sale, please email me by clicking on the Contact Form on the left. I am based Nr Boston, Lincolnshire, England.

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